Enhancing Human Vision

ICI Vision develops a new-age, digital device for vision enhancement and improvement.

Vision is one of the most advanced and complex sense of humans, and is deeply related to most of the activities we perform throughout the day.

Half of the human brain is devoted directly or indirectly to vision


Nowadays, great technology leap has been made around vision

such as VR, AR, Eye tracking, Computer vision, Image processing and high-end mini-cameras. Our solution incorporates the most advanced technologies in the market, fusing them together, both Hardware and Software into a one digital platform in order to allow the users with unprecedented capabilities.

Retinal Projection Engine
Eye Tracking
Dual World Cameras
Computer Vision

The enhanced vision engine, resulted by the fusing process of those technologies,
creates totally new abilities to grasp the reality around us faster and sharper.

Our focus today is to bring back vision capabilities to those who need it the most:
People defined as blind or suffering from extreme low vision.


Retinal Diseases

Our visual aid is intended to be used by people with retinal damage. Those people are suffering from a medical condition which results in Scotoma – a part of the vision which is not functional. In those diseases that the Scotoma is within the Fovea, the most sensitive past of the eye. Once the diseases progresses, it can be to a level that those people will be defined as legally blind. Most of the retinal diseases, and specifically AMD, are caused by growing blood vessels in the back of the eye which eventually cause physical pressure and raptures onto the Retina.

Normal vision
Vision with AMD
Normal vision
Vision with AMD


For people with Low-vision, simple daily activities such as reading, recognizing faces and watching TV become very hard to impossible. Currently, optic solutions such as glasses and magnifiers are the main alternatives, but in many cases these solutions are insufficient to perform all daily activities.

Our device will enable them to reconnect to their surroundings, with the ease of just wearing our digital glasses.

Projection optimized images directly onto the healthier parts of the Macula.

1. Patient Condition
1. Patient Condition
Using our proprietary, patent pending method, we are able to map the person's functional vision. The process is based on the mode of operation of dedicated medical devices used in Hospitals. Our device can also be used for constant monitoring of those aspects. Output of this process is used to decide on the light intensity, location, wave length and other projection parameters.
2. Image Optimization
2. Image Optimization
While using the device, world image is constantly captured via high-end cameras combined with eye trackers that refine the relevant point of interest in real world. Various image processing algorithms are performed in order to recognize the relevant scenario and automatically optimize the input video.
3. Ideal Image projection
3. Ideal Image projection
Personalized and intense (yet safe) LED light is projected in real-time, directly onto the patients healthier parts of the Macula (central part of the retina) .Projection features are personalized to the current disease stage.

Clinical Trial Summary

This trial shows that the medical device can improve visual acuity significantly even in patients with severe macular diseases with very low visual acuity. It is possible that with patients with visual acuity higher than 6/60 the results may be even better (Performed under Helsinki protocol).


The company’s highly experienced management team and advisory boards holds proven expertise in diverse disciplines,
including algorithms, electronics, mechanics, physics and low-vision optometry.

  • Tal Lotan
    Tal Lotan CEO
  • Itay Segal
    Itay Segal CPO
  • Haim Chayet, PhD
    Haim Chayet, PhD Co-Founder & CTO
  • Avi Mishan
    Avi Mishan Co-founder & Chairman
  • Adi Kremer
    Adi Kremer Low Vision Optometrist
  • David Rafael | Project manager
    Ido Rozenberg | Deep machine learning
    Michael Zolotov | Computer vision

Board of advisors

  • Prof. Adiel Barak
    Prof. Adiel Barak MD I Head of Retinal and Vitreous Humor Unit at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
  • Prof. Anat Loewenstein
    Prof. Anat Loewenstein MD, MHA I Head of Ophthalmology Dep. at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
  • Dr. Barak Azmon
    Dr. Barak Azmon MD I Ophthalmic device entrepreneur